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Over the phone

​Distant Reiki works just as effectively as in-person. In fact, I highly recommend it to people who are a little skeptical, because it usually turns doubters into believers. Because I am not physically there with you, you will be even more fascinated by how you feel post-session.


It’s normal and smart to question this whole distant thing. Don’t worry, I get it. I am the type of person who questions everything so it took me a long time to understand until I've felt the healing benefits myself. 

This is how I understand it. Distance Reiki works because everything is energy and universal life force energy, light and healing travel great distances. We are all interconnected, as we are all energy matter and part of a larger whole. We can always connect with someone energetically no matter where the person is in the world. Have you ever thought of someone randomly and this person called or texted you out of nowhere? We are always communicating and connecting energetically in one way or another.   

Distant Reiki might be for you if you work long hours, do not reside in LA, and want to experience the magik of the metaphysical healing at the comfort of your home. Distant Reiki is now my most popular service and have allowed me to connect with people from all over the world.

Each Distant Reiki  Healing Session Includes:

⍙ Journaling exercises—to  check-in

⍙ Visualization meditation—to clarify

⍙ Breath work—to relieve

⍙ Distant Reiki—to heal

⍙ Medicine reading—to reflect

Reiki Treatment

Reiki + Medicine Reading

A beautiful home in West Hollywood

We humans are so complicated yet perfectly created. I believe that our bodies want to naturally heal themselves.


However, life can be messy sometimes. When life throws us unbearable stress, physical pain, illness, heartbreaks, our bodies form energy blockages that alter our perception of reality and inhibit our bodies’ abilities to heal themselves. 


I found that in today's fast-paced age, we tend to not give ourselves the time of day to fully heal, let alone process our emotions altogether. It’s time to give ourselves the love and care we truly deserve. 

I incorporate a combination of my innate gifts and Reiki (universal life force energy) to bring the ancient art of energy healing to the contemporary urban client.


My Reiki sessions are intentionally formulated and carefully designed to bring a wholesome healing experience. My clients describe the session as “therapy for the mind, body and soul.”

Each 1:1 Session Includes:

 ⍙ Yoga—to ground

⍙ Visual meditation—to clarify

⍙ Breath work—to relieve

⍙ Reiki—to heal

⍙ DIY ear acupuncture —to treat

⍙ Medicine reading—to reflect



Please email for event details and pricing. 

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