About Hae

At a young age, Hae realized she had the gift of insight to see patterns in life and ability to naturally pick up on people's thoughts and needs. Growing up, a total of seven strangers came up to her to tell her they saw a special aura with her.  Like many other healers she too resisted, doubted, and questioned her "woo-woo" abilities and her close relationship with the metaphysical world at first. There were signs all along but because of her conservative up-bringing and societal programming, it took her a while to fully surrender and commit to this gift and journey. It wasn't until she had to go through her own healing journey herself that she REmembered her purpose and contribution to the world.

Since that time, Hae has dedicated her life to helping other people who need more clarity, happiness and awareness in life. She believes every moment and person is here to teach us something and will work with you to help you come closer home to your truest self. 


On top of reiki, she incorporates yoga, visualization meditation, breathwork, earseeds, and medicine cards in her work. She has developed a healing formula comprised of her innate gifts and ancient wisdom that balances and heals the mind, body and spirit. Hae's clients find her sessions spiritual and transformative, yet very practical and grounded at the same time.

Hae has received trainings and certifications under some of the world's most renowned reiki teachers, energy healers and intuitives. She has helped and taught hundreds of people from more than 20 countries and her clients include celebrities, Hollywood producers, entrepreneurs, and influencers.

⍙ Yoga—to ground

⍙ Visualization meditation—to clarify

⍙ Breath work—to relieve

⍙ Reiki—to heal

⍙ DIY ear acupuncture —to treat

⍙ Medicine reading—to reflect