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  • Hae Lee

Should I listen to my head, heart or gut?

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Sometimes my head and my heart are telling me different things and I am at a standstill. Both are important when making decisions. The head is logical. With our head we are able to analyze (maybe too analytical sometimes) and weigh out the pros & cons of a situation.

The heart considers our emotions. Acknowledging your emotions and feelings are so so valid and important, but I feel that sometimes the heart only sees and feels the things you want to see and feel. It feels right in the moment but in hindsight, we know our decisions were heavily influenced by a perception ruled by our emotions.

Listening to your gut on the other hand, is listening to your intuition. This feeling is not as obvious or pushy compared to the head & the heart but it’s that little voice that tells us something feels right or feels wrong. It’s harder to rationalize because it’s in our subconscious. It factors in how we’ll feel about the decision over the long term.

When my head & heart are telling me different things, I try to feel it in my gut and observe the patterns that are happening in my life. I feel like the gut really tells you like it is.

Intuition is the GPS of the soul.

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