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  • Hae Lee

Hospitals + Reiki

From the Johns Hopkins to several cancer centers, Reiki therapy is steadily gaining presence in top hospitals. More hospitals are offering reiki in addition to their treatment plans because the patients are asking for it!! So if you believe and know energy healing modalities like reiki can help speed up your recovery process, ASK. Bring it to your doctors attention, you never know what additional help you can get.  I found that a lot of nurses are actually spending their own money out of their pockets to get reiki certified, attuned and educated to better help their patients.


Reiki has become recognized as a valuable treatment of pain management and symptom relief in hospice and palliative care. Even the prominent cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Mehmet Oz has seen the benefits of reiki in his patients. He has invited Reiki practitioners to treat patients during open heart surgeries and heart transplant operations. Dr. Oz says, "Reiki has become a sought-after healing art among patients and mainstream medical professionals."

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